Learn How To Have A Custom In-Law Suite Created For Your Parents

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As your parents age, there is a good chance that they are not going to be able to live on their own after a certain point. This can be due to mental, emotional, or physical limitations. If your parents are nearing an age where they need to live with someone else, you may want to consider having your basement converted into an in-law suite. If you are considering an in-law suite, the following guide will help you to learn what to discuss with a contractor when choosing the options for your custom build.

Number of Rooms

When choosing the layout of the in-law suite, you need to consider the number of rooms you want the suite to have. There are some people who choose to have a kitchen built into the suite so that their parents can have the ability to cook their own foods whenever they choose. If you feel that it would not be safe for your parents to cook their own food, you may want to consider opting out of having a kitchen installed in the suite.

Size of the Rooms

Since the space in the basement will be limited, you need to consider the size of each room carefully. You want to be sure that your parents have a room that is designated as their bedroom, a space for relaxing or entertaining, and a bathroom. These three rooms can vary in size depending upon the layout that you choose for the space.

Full or Half Bathroom

Next, you need to consider if you want to have a full or half bathroom built on the space. A full bathroom will allow your parents to take a bath or shower in comfort without having to worry about traveling between floors. If your parents suffer from arthritis or other physical impairment, you may want to consider a custom-made walk-in tub. The tub eliminates the need for your parents to step over the lip of a tub.

Creating an in-law suite that suits your parents perfectly can be easy with proper planning. If you meet with a contractor and explain what your parents' needs are, he or she can help you choose which accommodations are the best choices to suit the needs of your parents and fit within your budget. He or she may be able to suggest options that you did not even know were available to you. The suite renovation will be costly, so it is important to make sure that you get the build right the first time.

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23 January 2015

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