Ways To Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal This Spring


If you're thinking about selling your home this spring, boosting your home's curb appeal will probably be very important to you. There are a variety of ways to this can be done. Here are just a few suggestions for making your home look beautiful to potential buyers.

Spruce Up Your Landscaping

Trim your shrubs and trees, and plant colorful flowers in your flower beds. Get rid of any old, spindly plants and shrubs, and replace them with full, healthy new shrubs. Planting a wide variety of flowering shrubs and plants will draw attention to your home. 

Line the walkway to your front door with low, colorful flowers--but keep them trimmed to prevent them from blocking the path. Keep your grass well watered and cut, even at times when you're not expecting any buyers at your house. Remember, buyers can always drive past your property without making an appointment, so it's important to keep your lawn looking beautiful at all times.

Put on a Fresh Coat of Paint

If your home's siding is made of wood, you know that a fresh coat of paint can make your house look brand new. This is why one of the best things you can do to improve your home's curb appeal is to apply a new coat of paint. If you don't think that your home needs a fresh coat, or if you don't have time to repaint the entire exterior, look for any spots of peeling paint and apply touchups where necessary. 

While you're at it, consider painting the front door in a bright color like red or blue. Brightly colored doors attract attention and make your home look warm and inviting. 

Wash Your Siding and Windows

If your home's siding is made of a material other than wood, you obviously won't be repainting it--so consider cleaning it instead. Use a power washer to spray down your home's exterior. Focus on the part of the siding nearest to the ground. Usually the siding close to the ground is dirtier than on other parts of the house, because sprinklers tend to splash dirt on the house when watering the lawn. 

Wash your windows as well. If your home consists of only one floor, you may be able to effectively wash your windows without professional help. However, if your home is two stories, hire a residential window cleaning service to clean windows on the upper floors. Window washing is doubly important because it increases the light inside of your home, making the inside of your house look cheerful for potential buyers.

Boosting curb appeal can be a lot of work, but it's worth the time and effort. By making a good first impression with buyers, you may be able to sell your home more quickly, and for more money. 


26 January 2015

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