6 Tips On How To Keep Your Swimming Pool In Good Repair


Keeping your pool in good repair can seem difficult at times, especially to the new pool owner. Here are a few tips to keep your pool in great shape for swimming season!

1) Skim your pool and clean out the baskets. I know, it seems so simple. Routinely skimming and cleaning will make sure that your pool's circulation is as effective as possible, and reduces the level of damage that could be done to the basket and pool lining.

2) Keep your pool water at the right height. If you don't have enough water, your pool filter is going to have to work increasingly hard just to keep things stable. Too much water, and you will put extra pressure on your walls. Maintaining the right water height will make your pool last longer.

3) Maintain a good pH level. Keeping your pool at around 7.5 pH is essential to keeping your pool sanitary and healthy. Too high or low of a pH and it can ruin your lining, as well as make swimming dangerous.

4) Vacuum your pool. Vacuuming helps to keep the water clean and clear of any bacteria that might be lurking. It also reduces algae growth, which can cause you to have to add harsher chemicals into your pool to maintain it.

5) 'Shock' your pool once in awhile. No, this doesn't mean surprise it. 'Shocking', or super-chlorinating is a way of dousing your pool in chlorine to get rid of chemicals like ammonia that build up over time. Check your manufacturers instructions for your pool for exactly how often to do this.

6) Check for leaks every now and then. Generally speaking, small leaks are much easier for companies like Aquatic Pool Plastering to repair than large ones, and generally less costly. By checking often, you can reduce the likelihood of having a large leak and having to worry quite as much. You can check for leaks by doing a bucket test. Get a bucket that will float in your pool, fill it with some water, and let it float on the surface of your pool for a few days. If the water levels of the pool and bucket have gone down by the same amount, then there are no leaks!

So there you are! With these tips, you are sure to have a great swim season. As always, if there is a problem with your pool, do not try and fix it yourself. Get an expert who has experience with this to help you. Happy swimming!


29 January 2015

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