3 Low-Maintenance Gutter Cleaning Options

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Cleaning your gutters requires semi-frequent trips up a ladder or out onto the roof to clear out any debris that's backed up. That's enough to get on the nerves of even the most patient homeowner. Luckily, there are some low-maintenance options that can keep your feet on the ground and your gutters clear of debris.

There are two primary types of gutters that are labeled "self-cleaning" and both are sold in two different versions: caps for existing gutters or entirely new gutter systems. Consider the new gutter systems if your current gutters are in dire need of repairs.

Mesh Gutter Cover

You can purchase mesh covers for your gutters that are supposed to block out debris. That way, the debris can dry up in the sun and fly away in the wind. The mesh can keep most moderate to large debris out and still allows rainwater to enter the gutter for disposal into the downspout. It's a relatively cost-efficient maintenance method especially since you can still use your own gutters.

The mesh is fine, but not so fine that pollen and other tiny debris can't make it through. The entering water should be enough to wash this debris clean, but it isn't always effective enough. And birds or branches can rip holes into the mesh and compromise the whole system.

Deflector Gutter Cap

A deflector gutter is made by placing a cap over your existing gutter. This allows the gutter to deflect leaves off onto the ground while the water gets funneled into the gutter and then into your downspout. The benefit to this option is that it's more reliable and sturdy than a mesh cover and can be installed over gutters you already own, which keeps the total project costs down.

The downsides are that the nature of the gutter only keeps out the large debris while smaller leaf chunks, pollen and bits of bark can all end up inside the gutter. Over time, these can build up and clog your gutter if you don't do periodic proper cleanings. Excess water also tends to drop straight off the cover onto the ground, rather than funneling into the gutter. This can make your yard a soggy mess if the overflow continues.

Gutter Cleaning Service

The "self-cleaning" gutter systems aren't perfect, and your gutters will still require an occasional cleaning. The reduced frequency might make hiring a gutter cleaning service a more viable option. A professional cleaner will do all of the ladder climbing and leaf raking for you, and your gutters will now become truly low-maintenance.


18 March 2015

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