Protecting Your Investment: Three Ways To Keep Your Iron Railing Rust-Free

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Iron railing is an architectural element that can add beauty and safety to your home's deck or balcony. It is durable, sturdy, and aesthetically pleasing. However, iron railing is not without it's challenges. Primarily, iron is particularly sensitive to rust, and can disintegrate over time if not properly protected.

Fortunately, there are ways that you can protect your ironwork. Here is a look at three ways to prevent rust from forming on your railings:


You may be familiar with the term "galvanized steel". This means that the steel has been coated with zinc in order to protect it from rust. Other metals, including wrought iron, can actually be galvanized, too. In fact, iron was one of the first metals to be galvanized back in the 17th century.

In order to galvanize ironwork, the pieces are dipped into a tub of molten zinc during production. This helps to protect your investment, and extends the life of the iron pieces with limited maintenance required.

Powder Coating

Another effective method for protecting your ironwork is to have it powder coated. Powder coating is a process that forms a protective barrier around the metal by heat-fusing a thin layer of resin to the surface of the piece.

Because the process chemically alters the surface of the iron, it is not as easily chipped or scratched as pain would be, making powder coating a longer lasting rust protection than simply painting the metal. Powder coating can also be done in a variety of colors and textures, making it easy for you to achieve the precise look you want for your ironwork.


While painting is not as durable as powder coating, it is still a very cost-effective solution for keeping your wrought iron railing from rusting. Painting will change the color and look of your ironwork as well, adding a decorative element to the protection. Painting is also a great way to extend the life of powder coated or galvanized ironwork that is beginning to wear. It can bring new life to an older piece, and provide further protection in addition to other measures.

Each type of rust protection has its place. Galvanization can be done to improve durability before ironwork ever leaves the manufacturer. Powder coating can be customized to fit the desired texture and color, and painting can provide ongoing protection that is very cost-effective. While each one has its benefits and weaknesses, a combination of two or all three will protect your railing for many years to come.

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13 April 2015

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