Damaged Masonry Surrounding Your Chimney? You May Have A Chimney Liner Problem

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Take a walk around your block and look at the homes in the neighborhood. You may notice a similarity between them. Discoloration in the bricks around the chimneys. It's a common problem caused by problems with the chimney liner, and could eventually lead to some necessary masonry repair. These are two questions you may have about damaged chimney liners, and how they can damage your home.  

Why Is Chimney Liner Maintenance Necessary?

A chimney liner does a lot more than help the smoke vent upwards and out of your home. It actually helps protect the bricks of the chimney from being damaged due to the different temperature changes.

For example, when using your fireplace the heat will move upward, and cause the temperature to increase in the chimney very fast. Without proper protection, the heat can cause deep cracks to develop in the masonry that surrounds the chimney. The structural integrity of the masonry can even become compromised. The liner helps insulate the chimney's masonry from the extreme heat, and prevents damage from occurring.

If you don't perform regular maintenance on your chimney liner by having it inspected, you could cause unexpected damage. Damage naturally happens over time to a chimney liner because of the stress it goes through. It may only take a couple uses of your fireplace to cause masonry damage if a crack is present.

How Is A Damaged Chimney Liner Repaired?

The chimney liner itself is a very long tube that stretches from your fireplace to the top of the chimney. It can be patched if the hole is within reach of the opening at the top or bottom of the chimney. You can usually tell where damage is located in the liner based on where you see damage in your masonry work.

If the damage is located in the middle of the chimney liner, there will be some more work involved to repair it. A stainless steel chimney liner can be placed inside the existing liner, which will protect the damaged liner. The existing liner may need to be completely removed if a stainless steel insert is not an option.

Once the damaged liner has been fixed, you can have the damaged masonry surrounding your chimney repaired the damage won't get worse. You will want to have the existing brick and mortar restored so that it matches the rest of the bricks on your home, which will keep your home looking great. 


29 May 2015

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