Maintaining Your Summer Garbage Disposal

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Between barbecues and pool parties, your garbage disposal might see extra use now that the weather is warming up. As a result, summer is a time of year when the garbage disposal maintenance is especially important. These tips will help you maintain your garbage disposal throughout the season. 

Limit the Foods that You Put Down the Disposal

Some of the foods that you prepare at your cookouts really aren't appropriate for use in the garbage disposal. For example, starchy foods like potatoes can easily cling to the pipes inside the unit and cause a clog, and stringy vegetables, like celery, can become wrapped around the interior parts of the disposal, slowing it down. In other words, your delicious potato salad should never get put down the garbage disposal! Here are a few other summer food items to avoid putting down the disposal:

  • Corn husks
  • Onion peels
  • Oily or greasy foods
  • Animal bones
  • Fruit pits

A good rule of thumb is this: keep all food that goes down the disposal to a minimum. The primary purpose of your garbage disposal is not to get rid of all your household waste, but to make cleaning out the sink easier after washing the dishes.

Use the Disposal with Cold Water

Avoid running hot water when using the disposal. Cold water will cause fats and oils from your burgers and steaks to congeal, which will make it easier for your garbage disposal to chop up the food waste and flush it out of the system. 

Run the Garbage Disposal After the Chopping is Done

After you've sent a load of food down the garbage disposal, run the water for several seconds after the chopping is finished. This will help flush the pipes and ensure that food doesn't stick to the inside of the unit. 

Prevent Your Guests from Using the Unit

Guests at your summer parties may not know all these rules about proper garbage disposal use. If a visitor insists on helping with the dishes, stay in a position to watch so you can intervene if necessary--or just hand your volunteer a beer and send them cordially on their way. 

Clean the Drain Regularly

Drain cleaning is important to ensure good drainage and performance throughout the summer. Flush the drain yourself periodically with a few cups of vinegar and some boiling water. If you make ice cream, throw some extra rock salt into the unit and turn it on to help sharpen the blades and clean out the pipes. If the drain starts to run slow, seek a professional drain cleaning service, like 2 Guys Plumbing and Heating Inc., before it clogs up altogether. 

Keeping your garbage disposal running properly is an important part of throwing successful summer parties and barbecues. Following these tips will help ensure that you have a fun summer at home. 


11 June 2015

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