8 Signs That You May Have a Cracked Foundation

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A foundation issue can wreak havoc throughout your home. Structural repairs can become more costly as they progress, so it is best to correct foundation problems early. Here are eight signs to help you identify a cracked foundation.

1. Cracks in Your Brick

If you have a brick home, large cracks in the bricks and mortar could signal a foundation problem. The cracks can follow a regular pattern, such as a stair step formation, or they can appear randomly. Often a crack may present near a structural opening, such as a window or door frame.

2. Uneven Floors

If wobbling furniture has caused you to notice that your floors are no longer level, you may have a foundation issue.  A cracked foundation can cause a floor to sink or rise in sections. This may be particularly noticeable if you have wood flooring, because plank separation and buckling may appear. 

3. Cracked Molding

Decorative molding may begin to separate or crack from a foundation problem. If your crown molding was positioned properly but now shows signs of shifting, consider calling a contractor to have your foundation inspected.

4. Problems Opening Doors

Doors are fitted to their door frames to allow easy opening while discouraging gaps. If the doors in your home are more difficult than usual to open or close, a compromised foundation may have caused your door frame to shift.

5. Leaning Walls

Wall positioning is compromised as a foundation become less level. If your walls appear to be leaning or bowing, it could indicate a serious crack in your foundation.

6. Cracked Flooring Tiles

A tile floor must be level or the pressure from the uneven surface will crack your tiles. If fractures are starting to emerge in your flooring tiles and they have not been exposed to blunt force or serious temperature fluctuations, there is a good chance that you have a foundation problem.

7. Gaps Where the Wall Meets the Floor or Ceiling

As a foundation sinks, spacing can develop at the points where your walls and ceiling or floor meet. The separation appears as holes or gaps.

8. Sticky Windows

Windows that refuse to open can also indicate a foundation problem. Since windows are designed to fit snugly to promote energy efficiency, any structural change to the window frame or surrounding wall can cause difficulty opening them.  

A cracked foundation can be a reason for concern. Costly repairs mount up quickly when a foundation problem progresses. If you are noticing signs of a cracked foundation, don't hesitate. Have your home inspected by a certified contractor like A-Pro Seal


24 June 2015

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