Artificial Turf Isn't Just for Cold Weather Soccer Fields

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Many people think artificial turf fields are only for places up north where heavy snow and winter months with little sunlight makes it impossible to grow a grass field. While artificial turf has a longer history of being used under those conditions, it can actually make more sense than a grass field even when the local climate is great for growing grass. Here's why.

More Playing Time

Almost every player and field manager is used to seeing dirt patches in high traffic areas of the field. When fields are used every day without a break, the entire playing surface could soon turn to dust.

To keep a grass field in top shape, the number of games or practices per week on it must be limited, and even then, it will usually need to not be used for a few months per year to allow it to fully recuperate from any wear. On the other hand, an artificial turf field can be used nearly 24/7 for 365 days per year if the demand for the field is high.

Artificial turf fields are also ready for use immediately after bad weather. While playing on a grass field when it's still soaked from a strong rainstorm presents a damage risk, an artificial turf field can be used as soon as participants feel like going back outside.

Better Playing Quality

Anyone who's ever been on a grass professional sports field was probably impressed by how nice the grass was — almost as good as a well-manicured golf course. Unfortunately, even the best maintained fields used for recreational play are probably too heavily used to allow top professional care.

Recreational grass fields typically have divots, changing grass heights, and other irregularities. While the field may technically be safe to run on, odd bounces of the ball can frustrate participants. On the other hand, artificial fields keep their smooth playing surface even under the heaviest of use.

More Flexibility

Another big source of wear on grass fields is participants dragging the goals around and digging trenches in the grass in the process. On an artificial turf field, goals can be smoothly wheeled from position to position with ease to allow the field to be quickly resized for different ages and abilities of play.

To learn more about artificial turf or to get an estimate for an artificial turf field installation, contact a local artificial turf contractor like Rocky Mountain Materials & Asphalt.


14 July 2015

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