Sound-Proofing Your Laminate Flooring: What Your Options Are


Laminate flooring provides your home with the look of real wood floors. Its only drawback is that laminate flooring is much thinner and sounds more hollow when you walk across it. In larger rooms with cathedral ceilings, the laminate floors add to the echo bouncing off the walls and ceiling. To reduce these less-than-pleasant sound effects, you can sound-proof your laminate floors when you have them installed. There are a couple of options you can ask your flooring contractor about when he or she schedules your installation date.

Double Carpet Padding

Some contractors will install a single layer under the laminate flooring, but a double layer of carpet padding adds an extra cushion of support. This double layer of carpet padding essentially buoys the laminate up, ever so slightly, so that when you step on it your footfalls are met with the padding's resistance. Since the laminate cannot creak or bend under your weight, your flooring becomes silent.

Throw Rugs to Reduce Echoes

Carpeting in a room with cathedral ceilings is more ideal because the carpeting halts the echoing. The soft density of carpet creates a barrier for sound vibrations. If you have already chosen laminate over carpeting in this room, then you can still dull the sound vibrations and echoes by using several throw rugs on the floor. The throw rugs provide a similar, albeit lesser, effect to full carpeting.

Rubber Matting and Floating Sub-Flooring

Rubber matting is used underneath a floating sub-floor. The floating sub-floor is comprised of two layers of plywood and a layer of "green glue", a compound engineered to absorb excess noise. When all of these are placed underneath a wood laminate floor, your footfalls and sound vibrations are distributed across the entire expanse of the floor, completely eliminating any sound. It is the most expensive way to sound-proof your laminate flooring, but if you want absolute quiet in your home and the appearance of hard wood floors, then this is your best option.

Choosing a Flooring Contractor Over a Flooring Distributor

When you finally decide on how you want to sound-proof your floor, the next step is deciding who should install it. While the flooring distributor you bought all of your laminate from can certainly send you someone to install the floor, what you may want instead is a an expert flooring contractor. An independent contractor can supply you with the type of sound-proofing you seek, whereas the distributor may only be able to offer you carpet padding.


24 July 2015

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