Should You Opt For Powder-Coated Or Traditionally Painted Furniture?

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If you're going to be undertaking a furniture refinishing project soon, then you may be trying to decide which finishing process might be best. Of course different processes will yield different results, which is why choosing the best technique is important. You might be wondering if you should opt for powder-coating, since finishing metal, plastic and even wood furniture with powder coating has become increasingly more popular lately. Here are some aspects of this process to consider:

The durability of powder-coated furniture

When compared to traditional wet spray painting, powder coating has been proven to be significantly more durable. While conventionally-painted furniture might last for a certain number of year, powder-coated pieces are chip-free, rust-free as well as corrosion-free , regardless of exposure to the elements. This includes ultraviolet rays, rain, and more, which enables it to last much longer than items that have been painted in a traditional manner. A simple pre-treatment is necessary to increase the durability of powder-coated furniture and machines. Powder-coated furniture also has a harder finish, which is why chipping is practically non-existent when this refinishing process is used.

The ease of applying powder coating

While it might seem as if wet paint is easier to apply than powder-coated choices, powder coating is actually a less complex process due to its increased ability to adhere more easily. Due to the fact the powder coating adheres in an easier manner, only one coat is necessary to achieve the same look as with liquid paint. The paint is relatively simple to apply, and you would use a spray gun, which will enable you to apply even coats. 

The limitless color choices

Traditional wet paint can sometimes be limited when it comes to choosing unique color choices. This may result in the need to settle for colors that don't exactly meet your needs. However, when it comes to powder coating, the color possibilities are limitless, as you have an abundance of beautiful and vibrant colors to choose from. This is due to the ease of manipulating the resin in the mixing process, which makes the creation of various colors easy. So it doesn't matter what you're going to be refinishing, the piece will be attractive and contain the exact color that you desire. 

If you ultimately decide to refinish your furniture using this process, then you are likely to be just as satisfied with the results as the many others who have used it have been. Not only is powder coating environmentally friendly as opposed to liquid paint, but it can also withstand more flexibility without becoming damaged. 

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7 August 2015

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