Three Tips For Improving AC Efficiency

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An air conditioner can burn through a lot of money especially if it is not running efficiently. The important thing to remember when you buy an AC unit is that your machine's efficiency rating is not a guarantee. Instead, it is an optimum rating. Over the course of normal operation, your AC machine will lose efficiency for various reasons. The best way to keep your machine running like it should is to take steps to maintain your machine properly. 

Keep Plants away from your Condenser Coils

In a central air system, you will have a set of condenser coils located outside of your house. While coils will have an industrial look that might detract from your landscaping, you need to be careful about planting bushes or flowers close to your coils. The problem is that as bushes grow up around your coils, they can restrict or cut off the flow of air through the coils, and when this happens, you will lose efficiency. To keep your machine running at optimum efficiency, you need to keep plants back at least a couple of feet. 

How Dirty Coils Can Hurt You

Plants are not the only concern for condenser coils. Yard debris, windblown garbage, insect carcasses, and other objects can get stuck in your condenser coils, and as that happens, your system can run as much as 37% less efficiently than normal. Whenever your coils get dirty, you should have them cleaned. 

The Problem with Leaky Ducts

Good installers will seal your ducts so that no air can escape them. During the course of normal usage, the force of air pushing outwards against your ducts will create leaks in the joints of your system. These leaks can decrease your efficiency by as much as 30%. If you notice that you are paying more to keep your home cool, and there is not a corresponding up tick in the cost of electricity, then you should have your ducts inspected and sealed as necessary. 

As you can see, you cannot expect your AC system to run at optimum efficiency without any effort on your part. The more you do to maintain your system, the better your efficiency will be. The ideas suggested above will go along way to improving the function of your AC unit, but there is still more you can do. Homeowners who actively, and consistently maintain their AC system save more money over the long run than homeowners who do not make an effort to maintain their system. 

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21 August 2015

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