2 Reasons To Hire A Building Code Consultant


A building code consultant is an individual or service that can help you keep your home or facility up to municipal standards. This type of consultant is invaluable because he or she can help you when designing your new home and prior to buying a piece of property.

Designing A New Home

One of the most important times to hire a building code consultant is when you are building a new home. A consultant can work alongside your architect throughout the design process in order to ensure that there are no issues with municipal building codes. This is very important because a violation of a building code once you start construction can become very expensive.

For example, if certain codes are violated you could be heavily fined or you could receive an order to stop working on the home. In the worst case scenario, you can even end up having to tear down a portion of the structure and redo it to get it to code. With a consultant assisting your architect, he or she will be able to identify any problems with the design when they are still relatively cheap and easy to repair, rather than after the construction work has actually begun.

Prior To Buying Property

You will also want to hire this type of consultant if you are considering purchasing an older piece of property. The reason for this is that you do not want to end up buying a home or facility only to find out at a later date that parts of it were not up to code. In that situation, you could end up having to replace large portions of the home or facility that you may not have budgeted for before buying the property. 

Sure, an inspector does look into many of the safety aspects of a home or building for prospective buyers, but building code consultants can take a second, more in-depth look at the property for you. This is also a good idea if you are planning to make changes to the building as the consultant will be able to tell you if those changes would fix the code violations, or if the changes would be against municipal regulations.

Speak to a building code consultant today if you are considering building, buying, or modifying a structure. A consultant can ensure that any new home that you are building will not run into problems with code violations, while also making sure that you are aware of any possible code issues before you buy a piece of property.


9 September 2015

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