Make Your Tuscan Kitchen Remodel Authentic And Beautiful

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Tuscan kitchens are warm and inviting places, the true heart of the home. These rooms carry the scent of bread and soup, and are gathering places for family and friends. As you design your Tuscan kitchen remodel, keep in mind these important details that will help authenticate the look and ensure that your Tuscan kitchen will be a treasure for years to come.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is beautiful and permanent, and has had an important place in Italian architecture for centuries. Perhaps this is why natural stone makes an appearance in so many Tuscan kitchen designs. Stone tile on the floor and back splash is attractive but also practical, because stone is durable and cleans easily. Many Tuscan kitchen designs will often arrange tiles in colorful and attractive patterns to create visual interest in the room.

Countertops in Tuscan kitchens are also typically made of stone. Tiled stone may look beautiful in this setting, but tiled countertops can be more difficult to clean and maintain when food falls into the gooves between tiles. For a beautiful stone countertop that is also easy to clean and maintain, turn to stone slabs made of granite or quartz.

Wood Cabinetry

Tuscan kitchens place big emphasis on the preparation of food, which means you're going to need a lot of cabinetry to hold all of your food preparation tools. Red- and yellow-toned wood cabinetry has natural warmth that will look just right in a Tuscan kitchen. If you're hoping to stain your cabinetry a medium or dark color, oak is one of the best woods for accepting stain naturally and evenly.


Archways are a common convention in Italian architecture. To perfect the look of a Tuscan kitchen, have your kitchen remodeling contractors install archways over the entrances to the room and if possible, repeat this element elsewhere in the room. For example, install an archway over the stove to ensure continuity of design.

Accommodate Guests

A Tuscan kitchen must have space to accommodate guests and family members, because Tuscan kitchens are natural gathering places for loved ones. If your kitchen has space for an island, install a raised countertop where people can sit and talk while someone prepares food. If there's no room for an island, install a small breakfast nook where your loved ones can gather and eat.

For more information and tips for designing and decorating a Tuscan kitchen, speak with your kitchen remodeling contractor. He or she can tell you the ways that your kitchen can be made more authentically Tuscan in design.


29 September 2015

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