4 Stylish Ideas For Your Basement Remodel

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Perhaps you have a finished basement you want to remodel, or a space that needs finishing. Either way, a finished basement adds living space and value to your home. The increased area provides a place to put guests, indulge in hobbies or just lounge. A finished basement also adds resale value to your home, according to Home and Garden TV. Make over your space to best complement your lifestyle.

Basement Lounge

A lounge is a good addition if you want a place to both relax and entertain. Depending on your family, the room can become a man cave complete with exposed beams, stone detailing and beadboard. Alternatively, have a wine bar installed in one corner, add a dropped ceiling and finish the walls with soothing hues for a more refined look. If opting for a basement lounge, keep in mind all the entertainment additions you want to include, such as electronics and music.

Hobby Center

Another use for your finished basement is as a hobby center. Such a space requires specialized work stations with adequate lighting. For example, if someone in your household enjoys crafts, design a niche with a large table, special storage and lighting trained right on the work area. Along the same lines, consider creating a play area for the children. Have copious shelving installed with bins for all their toys, and add a soft carpet for rolling around on the floor.

Guest Bedroom

A spare bedroom is a common addition to the finished basement. If this is your plan, first of all insulate overhead to muffle the sounds from above. Have fiberglass insulation installed between the ceiling joists, and finish the ceiling. From there, consider a cozy style with maximum storage. Granted your guests probably won't need all that storage space, but the spare bedroom is the common place for storing seasonal clothing and other rarely-needed items.

Great Room

Your finished basement doesn't have to be for a single use. Indeed, such spaces are typically quite large, and you may have numerous tasks in mind. In that case, blend some of the above ideas. For example, use rugs and furniture to designate a family entertainment space. Include a television, stereo and other useful electronics. Designate another space for entertaining guests by clustering different furnishings around a wet bar. Keep another corner set aside for your hobby station. For a cohesive look, utilize a harmonious color palette throughout the basement.

When designing your finished basement, consider including a light well and plenty of ambient lighting for an airy ambience.

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26 October 2015

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