Are Old Asphalt Shingles Falling Off Your Home? Get Modern Metal Panels Instead

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If your roof has asphalt shingles and they are worn and damaged, consider changing out the shingles with metal roofing panels. Metal is a great option that improves and protects your home, and the material is a good investment at the same time.

There are several reasons homeowners are choosing to re-roof their home with metal panels as opposed to using asphalt shingles. Find a certified roofing contractor that specializes in metal roofing installation and ask them about the following advantages with metal.

Metal Weathers Time

Metal is going to be resistant to UV rays that would cause fading and deterioration in other materials, and it isn't going to be affected by water. Water won't be absorbed, algae won't grow on the metal, and it won't be damaged by snow. It's resilient against high winds, and it also gets the highest possible fire safety rating. The metal panels can last up to 80 years with proper maintenance, meaning they should be on the house longer than you live there.

 Metal is Energy Efficient

Metal meets the qualifications to be considered a cool roofing material. By keeping hot air and heat from the sun out of the house in the summer it keeps the house cooler during the warmer temperatures, and by working as a great insulator it helps keep warm air in during the winter. This lowers the gas and electricity consumption and your utility costs, and it helps the planet at the same time.

Metal Looks Modern

The sleek metal roofing panels can be covered with a powder coating, and you can pick from a variety of colors to match your home or to mimic your old shingles. You can get metal panels that are created to look like tiles or wood shakes as well. Talk with a roofing representative to see what would look best in your area and on your home.

If you know that your current roof is falling apart and that it needs to be replaced, consider metal roofing panels as a low maintenance material that you can trust to last for years for your property. You won't have to worry about pests getting in between or through the metal panels, nor about other common issues that can occur with regular roofing materials. Get at least two different quotes to see what it's going to cost you to get the metal roof you would like. 


13 November 2015

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