Ideas For Making Your Home More Unique With Your Roofing Materials

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In many ways, your home is a reflection of you and who you are as an individual. However, the exterior appearance of many homes do not reflect the individuality of the homeowners. If you are looking to replace your roof with something that helps you to stand out from the rest of your neighbors and makes your home as unique as you are, there are a wide variety of options available for you to do so. Get to know some of these unique roofing materials so that you can hire your roofing contractor and get your new roof installed as soon as possible.

Glass Tile Roofs

One of the newer roofing materials available for your home are glass tiles. Glass tiles are an excellent roofing choice not only to make your roof unique and beautiful, but also energy efficient.

The glass tiles are transparent, allowing light to filter through them and heat your home naturally in the winter. There is a fabric backing to the tiles that also works to absorb the heat and distribute it to heat the air underneath in the winter. In the summer, the heat is funneled to a ground heating system to prevent that heat from counteracting your air conditioning system.

The fabric backing also provides you with privacy so that the tiles allow light in but cannot be looked through by anyone who may try to climb up on your roof for one reason or another. These glass tiles make your roof shiny and beautiful while also being highly functional.

Salvaged License Plates or Other Recycled Materials

Another way that you can make your home's roof unique and eye-catching is to use materials that have been salvaged or recycled. Discarded and salvaged license plates are one such direction you can go.

License plates are uniform in shape and size so they can easily be placed and installed on your roof much like traditional shingles. They are metal and durable, meaning that they will provide good protection for your home. With proper installation, a license plate roof will function very similarly to a standard roof, providing good insulation and protection to your home from the elements and from temperature fluctuations.

Other options aside from license plates include recycled vinyl records, recycled rubber, and other objects that are recycled metals. All of these materials offer high quality insulation and durability while adding uniqueness to your home's overall aesthetic.

Now that you have a few ideas of how to make your home more unique through your roofing material choices, you can make your selection and have your roofing contractor get started as soon as possible.

For more information and options, talk with professional roofing contractors, such as those at Palmer Roofing.


18 December 2015

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