Three Maintenance Jobs That Can Extend The Life Of Your Deck

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A properly constructed deck can be the setting for countless memories with family and friends over the coming years. To keep the happy memories coming, it's important to give a little consideration to the longevity of your deck. While you might be able to get away with ignoring the deck for a period of time, the reality is that investing some time in maintaining this integral part of your backyard can help to drastically lengthen its life. These three jobs are fairly simple to accomplish and are often ideal for involving the entire family, especially if all of you enjoy using the deck for a variety of purposes.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing your deck is a straightforward way to clean it. This task, however, is about more than just boosting the visual appeal of the surface. Over time, and especially if the deck is situated in a shady area, mildew and moss can grow on and between the boards. Over time, this issue will lead to softer boards that are more prone to rot. Rent a pressure washer from a local rental center, remove all the furniture and other items off the deck and spray it thoroughly. Pay special attention to ensure the spray gets between the deck boards, as mildew can develop in these shaded areas. Allow the deck to fully dry in the sun before replacing the furniture.


While it might seem like common sense to keep your deck swept, this job is important -- especially during the fall months. Leaves and other debris that lands on the deck can stain the finish and even add moisture that can eventually lead to rot. While you don't need to furiously sweep the deck every time the wind blows, dealing with this job anytime there's a notable buildup of leaves is important. Given the ease and simplicity of this job, it's an ideal task to assign your children to help them take ownership in the deck.


Over time, the weather elements will remove the stain from your deck. The stain provides more than just a color that you like; it's a valuable line of defense against moisture that can lead to rot. Depending on factors such as the style of stain and your climate, your deck might need to be re-stained every one to five years. This process involves sanding the deck and applying several stains with a roller or brush, but it is simple enough for any homeowner to perform.

These tips are the keys to long lasting decks


7 January 2016

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