How Remodeling Your Restaurant's Plumbing Can Benefit An Expanding Business

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Whether you need to dramatically increase your restaurant kitchen's capacity or simply overhaul some clogged and leaking pipes, a plumbing remodel eventually becomes necessary for any successful restaurant. Although you may initially balk at the cost, taking proactive steps to keep your plumbing modern and in good shape may save you thousands of dollars in emergency repairs later on. These are five ways you can improve the efficiency of your restaurant's plumbing without unduly inconveniencing your employees and customers. 

Preventing Clogs and Backups

When business gets busy and dishes are flying, the last thing you want to worry about is a clogged drain filling up sinks or forming puddles on the floor. Pipes in restaurants are especially prone to this trouble as extra scraps of food slip down the drain unnoticed and collect further down the plumbing. Even if you are not replacing your pipes entirely, an industrial plumber will be able to clean them as part of a routine maintenance check. 

Improving Water Pressure

If your restaurant has expanded beyond its original intended capacity, you may find that your water pressure is no longer capable of keeping up with demand. Although this is not an emergency situation, it can be frustrating for employers and slow down production times, leading to frustrated customers as well. Retrofitting your restaurant with adequate pipes and water heaters will ensure that your kitchen's efficiency doesn't slip as your business grows. 

Expanding Restrooms

A similar concern for growing restaurants is how to handle an increasing number of customers' bathroom needs. In many cases, a small restaurant will need to physically expand its restrooms to avoid long lines and sanitation concerns. You will need the assistance of an industrial plumber to guarantee that everything is connected properly and is within compliance of your local building codes, but your customers should thank you for the investment. 

Discouraging Plumbing Emergencies

Sudden leaks and clogs are some of the worst disasters a restaurant can experience, and the majority of them are easily preventable. Instead of waiting for old pipes to begin spraying water into your kitchen and promoting the growth of mold and bacteria, have your pipes examined and replaced as needed through regular maintenance checks. By staying one step ahead of your plumbing's gradual deterioration, you can hopefully avoid a catastrophic failure during the dinner rush. 

Scheduling Around Your Hours

You may be concerned about the time it will take to conduct an extensive remodel of your kitchen, but even major projects do not need to shut you down for weeks at a time. Discuss the feasibility of working during your off-hours with your plumber to minimize noise and inconvenience to your employees and customers. Depending on the scale of the project, you may not even need to close for a day if you schedule wisely and work with the right plumbing contractor. Your restaurant is only as strong as the plumbing holding it all together, so as you grow and expand, don't forget to pay attention to your pipes.   

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27 January 2016

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