4 Things To Include When Remodeling Your Kitchen Before Selling

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Selling your home can come with a lot of tasks that need to be done in a hurry—especially if you are in a rush to move due to a new job or home that you are buying. One of the most effective ways to raise the value of your home is to remodel the kitchen, but it can be confusing to know which projects to tackle to get the best results. If you want your kitchen to stand out to as many buyers as possible during open houses, consider some of the following tips recommended often by professionals.

Neutral Colors to Appeal to Most Buyers

When choosing the colors for your kitchen, you may be drawn to bright red or a mellow yellow shade. While these colors can work great in your own kitchen, they may not be popular with most home buyers. This can turn off some buyers during open houses, making it smart to stick with neutral colors that will appeal to the majority.

Updated Appliances for a Modern Kitchen

When working with a budget, you need to make sure that your money is being divided wisely. A good way to start is by choosing appliances such as a new dishwasher or stove that will help add value to the space. Stainless steel remains a popular choice that can make your kitchen look drastically different and give the updated look that most buyers want when buying a new home.

Added Storage Through Taller Cabinets

Storage is something that eventually everyone looks for when house shopping, making it important that you implement plenty of storage. If you are interested in expanding the size of your kitchen, look upwards and add storage through taller cabinets. This extra foot or so of space can make a big difference in how storage your kitchen has been can even help improve the look of the space as well.

Improved Lighting to Help Brighten the Space

A dark kitchen can be uncomfortable to cook in and can be uninviting for potential buyers, making it important to improve the lighting. If your kitchen is missing natural light due to a smaller window or the direction that your home faces, you can still add plenty of lighting through artificial light. Choosing light fixtures that fit in with the rest of the kitchen and provide illumination your kitchen needs can also make a big difference in the way it looks.

As you begin considering different projects for remodeling your kitchen, you can quickly see what will help add value to your kitchen. For assistance, talk to a professional remodeler like Art Hoffstrom Builders.


11 March 2016

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