Three Ways Roof Coatings Help Protect The Environment


Roof maintenance is an ongoing concern for both homeowners and businesses, but there are options that can help extend the life of most roofs – you can often avoid complete replacement with prompt action. Roof coatings are one of the most popular methods for refurbishing and protecting existing roofs, as they are easy to apply and add as many as 25 additional years to the effective lifespan of your existing roof.

However, the benefits provided by roof coatings extend beyond cost savings and extending the life of your roof. Roof coatings actually provide environmental benefits, making them the preferred choice for people and businesses who want to do their part to help protect the planet.

1) Roof Coatings reduce the amount of air-conditioning your home or building requires.

Most roof coatings turn white when they dry. This helps them to reflect a large portion of the radiant heat striking the structure. This, in turn, helps keep the temperature inside the building much cooler, which reduces the amount of fossil fuels your building uses in the name of climate control.

2) Roof coatings help eliminate the number of shingles and roofing materials that end up in landfills.

While roofing materials are usually quite resilient, they do not last forever; eventually your roof will require replacement. However, by protecting your roof from rain, snow and sunshine with a high-quality coating, you extend the life of your roofing system. This reduces the frequency with which you must replace your roof (or carry out significant repairs), thereby keeping roofing materials on your roof and out of the local landfill.

Additionally, because you reduce the amount of labor (and therefore fuel) needed to maintain your roof over a given amount of time, you further reduce the carbon footprint associated with your building.

3) Roof coatings help reduce the amount of environmentally destructive debris that is carried away by runoff water.

Every time it rains on your home or building, small pieces of shingles and other material are washed away. This debris follows the water down through the watershed, eventually reaching the rivers, creeks and streams in your area, where they increase the sediment levels in the water. Higher sedimentation rates often make it difficult, if not impossible, for fish, amphibians and insects to thrive in these waters – a problem which can have devastating effects for the entire ecosystem.

By contrast, roofs that have been coated feature a smooth protective coating, which prevents these small particles from washing away in the rain, thereby eliminating the problem. For more information, find a business that offers this service, and check out the site that they offer.   


11 March 2016

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