What Causes Black Streaks On Your Roof?

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Black stains that streak rooftops are a relatively common problem. Knowing what causes black streaks and what to do about them can help you maintain the value of your house. While the black streaks are not themselves damaging to the roof, black stains can still look bad and negatively impact your home's curb appeal.

What causes black streaks on your roof?

Black streaks on your home's roof are caused by algae. Algae commonly grows in humid climates and on sides of the house that get less exposure to the sun.

What can you do to get rid of the black stains on your roof?

The best way to get rid of black stains on your roof is by cleaning it with a hand pump and sprayer filled with cleaning solution. Standard detergent and water isn't powerful enough to clean your roof. To make your own cleaning product, create a mixture of:

  • 1 quart bleach
  • 1 cup TSP
  • 1 gallon of water

Before using the cleaning solution on the roof, spray down the plants around the house with fresh water from a hose, then cover them with a tarp. Next, spray the roof with the solution, and let it sit on the shingles for several minutes. Once the shingles have soaked up the solution, rinse the shingles with a hose.

This is only a safe activity if your home's rooftop is not so steeply pitched that you can stand on it. If you can't stand on your roof safely, contact a residential roofing contractor to have him or her clean your roof for you.

What can you do to prevent black stains from returning?

The best way to prevent the stains from returning is to install zinc or copper strips along the top of the roof. Zinc and copper, when mixed with water, create a toxin that can inhibit algae growth. Installing strips along the top of your house will cause your roof to be bathed in the algae-killing solutions when it rains.

If you happen to be in the market for a new roof, look into getting shingles that contain special copper granules. These shingles will naturally inhibit the growth of algae on the roof. You can also help stop the growth of algae by making the conditions less ideal for algae growth. Remove any overhanging branches and prune back trees to allow sunlight to hit the roof.

For more information, contact Wayne Siding & Home Improvements or a similar company.


27 May 2016

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