3 Solutions To Add Green Irrigation To Your Home And Avoid Water Restriction Fines

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When summer droughts come, it can be hard to keep your lawn green and avoid fines for watering restrictions. Using water collection or grey water can help, as well as solutions like drip irrigation, which uses less water. If you want to have a green garden and avoid fee during a drought, consider some of these ideas for your irrigation system:

1. Install Rain Collection And Using Buried Tanks For Increase Capacity

Rain collection can be a great addition to your home to give you free water that you can use for whatever you please. These systems are commonly installed with gutters, but may not provide enough water for lawn irrigation. In addition to the gutters, you may want to consider installing buried tanks and collection for areas like landscaping, driveways, and patios, which will give your system more capacity and more water for your irrigation purposes.

2. Consider Using Grey Water Tanks For Irrigation And Other Outdoor Uses

In a drought, water from your rain collection system can quickly be used for irrigation. There is another source of water that you may want to consider; grey water systems can take water from your appliances and use it to irrigate your garden. In addition, the grey water can be used for other outdoor tasks like pressure washing, which can give you more clean rain water to use for potable uses if you rely on a well and rain collection for clean water for your home.

3. Use Drip Irrigation For More Efficient Watering That Keeps Soil Moist

Conventional lawn sprinkler systems waste a lot of water to irrigate your lawn and are clearly visible when watering fines are being handed out during droughts. Instead of sprinklers, you may want to consider a drip irrigation system. It will not only save you from obvious watering fines but is actually more efficient, uses less water and helps to keep the soil moist, which is good for your garden to have green, healthy plants. In your lawn, the pipes can be buried beneath the surface, and you can have the tubes and outlets installed to directly water flowers and other plants used in your landscaping design. 

These are some green irrigation solutions that you may want to consider for your home and avoid those watering fines this summer. If you need help with the installation of one of these systems, contact a hardware store (such as O L Willard Co) to get the materials you need for improvements like rain water collection and grey water irrigation, which much of the work you can do yourself.     


15 June 2016

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