3 Tips To Help Deal With A Septic System Emergency And Prevent Problems

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Dealing with a septic system problem can be frustrating. It can cause plumbing in your home to not work and even unpleasant messes in your yard or worse, inside your home. This can be something that you want to contact a septic service to help you deal with, but it may take time for them to get to your home to fix the problem. Here are some tips to help you deal with a septic system emergency and prevent many of the common problems:

1. Check The Level Of The Tank And Add A Bacteria Treatment If Needed

One of the common problems that you may have with your septic system is the tank becoming too full. This can be due to the lack of maintenance like pumping, which can cause serious problems. It may also be due to low bacteria levels, which cause solids to not break down and fill the tank faster. If the problem is the bacteria levels in your tank, then you may want to consider adding a bacteria treatment that will help improve bacteria growth in your septic system.

2. Avoid Overuse Of Water With Appliances And Consider Adding A Grey Water Tank

Too much water can also contribute to problems with your septic system. Do you have a large family and do a lot of laundry or dishes? The use of appliances like washers and dishwashers can contribute to the overburden of your septic system. This is why you may want to consider being light on the laundry when there is a septic problem. In addition, consider installing a grey water tank to separate this water and prevent these problems, which can also be used for landscaping irrigation to keep your garden green.

3. Avoid Heavy Loads Over Septic Drain Fields And Consider A Chambered System

The drain field of your septic system can also be a problem. If it becomes clogged or collapses, you may not notice a problem until the plumbing backs up and the problem gets worse. To avoid problems, avoid heavy loads over the drain field, such as driving vehicles over the area or setting things like garden structures or above ground pools over the drain field. To avoid this problem, be familiar with the location of your septic system. In addition, you may want to consider a chambered drain field design if you have an older system with a single drain tile for filtration of affluent.

These are some tips to help you deal with many of the common septic system emergencies and prevent problems. If you have an unpleasant mess on your hands due to septic system failure, contact a video sewer inspection service to help locate the problem and get your plumbing working again. 


15 June 2016

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