How To Easily Install & Add A Power Outlet To The Outside Of Your Vinyl Siding House

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If you want to plug in lights outdoors or use gardening equipment that has to be plugged in, you need to have access to a working, outside outlet. With the right tools, you can install an electrical outlet on the outside of your vinyl-sided home. This is an advanced do-it-yourself project or one for an electrician.  

Select The Spot

The first thing you need to do is select a location for the outlet. Ideally, the locations should be somewhere where you can easily access the outlet from both the inside and the outside of your home. You are going to want to put the outlet near an existing outlet inside of your home. Turn off the electrical power supply to that outlet. 

Drill The Hole

The second thing you need to use is a drill with a drill bit that is at least 18-inches long to drill a small hole through your wall. The drill bit needs to be long enough to go all the way through both sides of your wall. This hole should be where you want the center of the brand new outside electrical box to be located.

Loosen The Vinyl Siding

Third, you need to remove the vinyl siding where you are going to put the electrical outlet. Put a zip tool under the siding where you drew the hole in step two in order to loosen the vinyl siding. 

Trace Location Of Electrical Box

Take the electrical box and place it over the vinyl siding on top of the hole you just drilled, and trace an outline of the box with a pencil. You are going to cut out a hole for the electrical box.

Cut Hole For Electrical Box

Pull your siding back and away from your home using a single hand and cut away the vinyl along the lines you traced using a utility knife. This  You may need to use tin snips to remove the vinyl depending on how strong your vinyl is.

Run A Cable

Take a brand new 12-gauge electrical cable and run it from the outlet or power source inside of your home and out through the hole that you drilled in your wall. You want to have enough cable to work with, so make sure that you use a long cable.

Reattach Siding

Now use your zip tool and reattach the siding that you pulled away from the rest of the siding to the strip that is directly below it. Push the siding into place until it snaps on and forms a smooth line with the other siding.  

Place Electrical Box

Take the new outside electrical box, and place it on the hole you cut out on the side of your home and run the cable through the electrical box. Then, use a Phillip-head screwdriver to attach the new outside electrical box to your home.

Place The Wiring

Take the cable and peel away the insulated from the utility wire using your utility knife. There should be three wires inside of the primary cable. Use a wire stripper to strip the first inch or so of each of the three wires. Make a u-shape hook on the end of each of the three different wires.

Then take your white wire from the primary cable and wrap it onto the white screw in the electrical box. Take your black wire and wrap it onto the black terminal screw in the electrical box. Finally, take your green ground wire and attach it to the green terminal. Use a screwdriver to tighten the terminals and ensure the wires are held in place.

Take the wires and push them inside of the box if they are sticking out from the box.

Closing The Electrical Box

Put the cover on the electrical box and screw it into place. Then, use a caulking gun to caulk and seal the space between the electrical box and the siding on your house. This will ensure that water doesn't get into the box and damage the wiring.

Turn on the power for the electrical outlet and enjoy your new outside electrical outlet.   

Contact local professionals, such as those from Chadwick Electric Inc, for further assistance.


15 June 2016

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