Construction Site Recycling Basics

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Whether you take on big building projects or smaller remodeling jobs, construction waste management is always a concern both for your working budget and for the environment. With many customers now requesting greener building practices it makes sense to be proactive when it comes to your construction waste. The following guide can help you green up your disposal.

Know your recyclables

The first step to greener construction disposal is knowing which items are recyclable from your work site. The following is a list of the common recyclable items that come out the average construction site:

  • Cardboard and paper

  • Wood scraps (typically any wood without nails)

  • Dirt, rock, and concrete chunks

  • Asphalt leftovers or removed chunks

  • Plastics

  • Scrap metal (especially ferrous metals, which contain some iron or steel)

Consider recycling discounts

Some items can pay big dollars if you opt to recycle them. The most common items for turning construction waste into money are metals and asphalt scraps.

Asphalt has the interesting property of being able to be reused infinitely to create new asphalt layers, so there is no good reason for it to set in a dump. Many companies reclaim asphalt for just this purpose, sometimes even paying for it since it costs less for them to reuse existing asphalt than to produce new.

Metal can be especially profitable. If your job site includes a lot of old steel beams or other metal work due for recycling, it is well worth it to contract with a scrap metal company to have these items hauled away.

Make outside arrangements for profitable items that in abundance at the job site to be hauled away by the appropriate scrap dealer.

Contract with a recycling company

Many waste management companies now offer simple recycling options for construction sites. The most common is the single stream recycling dumpster. Basically, you can dump any items that are deemed recyclable into this dumpster and the waste company will sort them. This saves your crew time and effort.

The best companies to choose will offer discounts or cash back on high value recyclables, like metal, which can offset or even eliminate the cost of waste removal. In this case they may provide a separate dumpster for specific high value items, such as metal scrap or concrete fill. If your chosen waste management company doesn't pay for any recyclables, then consider handling the high value items through an outside recycler.


3 October 2016

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