Tips for Installing a New Plumbing System in Your Home's New Mother-In-Law Apartment


When you learned your mother-in-law had to move in with you and your family, you may have been worried about your private way of life being interrupted. However, you also want to give your mother-in-law her own space so you can keep your sanity and peace of mind. If you have added a mother-in-law apartment to your home, check out these tips for the successful installation of its new plumbing system.

Discuss with a Plumbing Contractor About Building Codes and Permits

Before you build on an addition to your home for your mother-in-law, you will need to obtain building permits for doing so. When the time comes for you to install a new plumbing system in your home's addition, you will need to make sure its installation is up to code and will pass inspection. Hiring an experienced plumber is the best way to ensure steps are taken to ensure your plumbing installation will pass inspection and that it will perform properly as well. The last thing you want is your mother-in-law coming to you about a huge leak underneath her kitchen sink because of faulty installation, especially if her plumbing system impacts your water bill. Many people hook new plumbing to the existing system in their homes.

Septic-Tank System Additions for Your Mother-In-Law Apartment

In most cases, a septic system is designed to handle a lot of action from your home, so the addition of one more bathroom and kitchen sink in your mother-in-law's apartment may not cause major problems. A plumber with experience in the installation of new plumbing systems can help you make the right choices about permits and upgrading your septic system to include the addition. You will need to add lines coming from the bathroom and kitchen in your mother-in-law's apartment. Knowing you have a professional taking care of this aspect of your new plumbing system is a good feeling and will prove you peace of mind knowing your mother-in-law will be in her own space instead of yours. Keep in mind the new lines and any other changes made to your home's septic system will also require a professional inspection before being used on a daily basis.

Learning more about the addition of a mother-in-law apartment as soon as you know she is moving in with you is a good idea. You and your mother-in-law may get along much better when she is able to have her own place to call home. Talk with a company such as Bishop Plumbing, Heating and Cooling for more information. 


9 November 2016

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