Well Pump Care Tips For New Homeowners

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If you have recently purchased a home that utilizes a well pump to provide the house with water, you need to have a relatively strong understanding about the steps that need to be taken to avoid problems with these complicated pumping systems.

Protect The Pump Against Mice, Squirrels And Other Pests

When you are concerned about maintaining your water pump, you might be mainly focused on preventing elemental exposure from causing problems. However, animals can also cause extensive damage to your pump. Many small animals will be attracted to the pump as they will sense the water that is in it. These animals may attempt to chew holes or otherwise damage the pump in an effort to reach the water. For this reason, it will likely be beneficial for you to ensure that your well pump is protected by an enclosure.

Appreciate The Risks Posed By Electrical Surges

Many problems that will arise with a well pump will be mechanical in nature as these systems will be subjected to regular wear and tear. Yet, this is not the only source of damage that these devices may sustain. It is also possible for strong electrical surges to melt, fuse or otherwise compromise the internal wiring and electronics of the pump.

You can protect your pump against this type of damage through the installation of a surge suppression system. These systems can instantly intercept damaging surges, and while this upgrade will require you to make an investment, the cost can be far less than the expenses of repairing a pump that has sustained electrical damage.

Have The Pump System Inspected And Serviced Every Few Years

Wear and tear from regular use will be one of the more common sources of problems for well pump. Combatting this particular issue will require homeowners to invest in having their pumps professionally inspected and serviced at least once every few years. However, those that own older pumps may want to have this work done every year as older pump systems can be far more prone to suffering potentially disruptive mechanical problems. To limit the inconveniences that having your well pump serviced can cause, you will not have to be home while the technician performs this work, but you will need to make sure that they can reach the well pump. Therefore, you should leave the gates or doors unlocked so that the technician will be able to safely and easily reach your pump.

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3 January 2017

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