2 Reasons To Hire A Boundary Surveying Company

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A boundary surveying company is one of the most useful resources to have at your disposal when you own a piece of property, mostly because of they can help you determine the exact area of your property. Listed below are two reasons to hire a boundary surveying company.

Avoid Complications When Building An Addition To Your Property

A major reason to hire a boundary surveying company is to make sure that you avoid complications when building in addition to your property. For example, when you are planning on building a swimming pool, new fence, larger driveway, or a new room on to your house, you will want to have the property lines clearly pointed out to you so that you do not accidentally build on the other side of that property line. In that situation, if you were to happen to build on your neighbor's property, you could very easily end up getting sued or wasting a lot of money on a piece of construction that you will have to tear down later.

Confirm The Property Lines

Another reason to hire a boundary surveying company is to confirm the property lines that you were given when you were looking at the house to potentially purchase it or after you have already purchased the house. The main reason to have a survey done before you buy the house is to make sure that the information that you were given by the real estate agent is accurate. This is very important because you do not want to buy the house and end up having to give up on some of the plans and modifications that you had in mind because it turns out that the real estate agent had passed on some inaccurate information.

In addition, having the boundary survey performed after you have purchased the house can help you identify if your new neighbors are actually encroaching on your property. In that situation, the boundary survey could help you have your neighbors remove their fence or addition to their home from your side of the property line so that you can have all of the land that you were actually entitled to when you bought the property.

Contact a boundary survey company in your area today in order to discuss how they may be able to assist you and to schedule an appointment for them to perform an in-depth survey of your property. You will want to hire a boundary surveying company because they can help you avoid complications when building in addition to your property and confirm the property lines.


14 July 2017

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