3 Tips For Roofing In Areas With High Winds

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When it comes to roofing, wind can certainly be an enemy. High wind can damage shingles and affect the structural integrity of the roof itself. There are plenty of areas across the US that are prone to high winds. Hurricanes, thunderstorms, and windstorms can all contribute to roof damage in these areas. In order to limit or prevent this damage, it's important to choose roofing carefully. Here are three tips for getting a roof that can stand up to high winds.

Increase The Budget

For those living in areas that are prone to high winds, increasing their budget for a new roof may be necessary. The average cost of roofing installation is around $7,094 for a new roof. However, roofing that can withstand high winds may require extra reinforcing. There are also certain local and state guidelines that may need to be followed when installing a new roof in order to ensure that it can withstand a certain amount of wind. Homeowners may find that they need to budget an extra $1,000 to $5,000 in order to ensure that their roofing can withstand windy conditions. 

Certain Materials Work Better

Another thing to consider carefully is the type of roofing material used in areas with high winds. Certain types of roofing stand up to wind better than others. Fiberglass shingles, metal, and clay tiles are all great wind-resistant choices. Fiberglass shingles are stronger than their asphalt counterparts and are less likely to come apart during a high wind event. Metal roofs have a limited amount of seams and overlaps which means there are fewer places for wind to get in and damage the roof. Clay tiles can also be a surprisingly great choice for windy areas. With proper installation, they are more likely to stay put than other roofing types.

Installation Is Key

Another tip for roofing in wind prone areas is to get an experienced roofing contractor to do the installation. Even the most wind resistant roofing material will not stand up to the wind if it's not properly installed. With a clay tile roof, an adhesive foam will need to be laid underneath to ensure that it can hold up to the wind. This can add an extra $3,000 to $5,000 to the total cost of the roof. Roofs can also benefit from hurricane straps or clips. These straps cost as little as 50 cents a piece and help hold the roof to the house during high winds. 

High winds are a major problem across much of the US. Wind can lead to major damage to a home's roof. Homeowners who are looking at installing a new roof should consider increasing their budget in order to ensure that they are getting the most wind resistant roofing available. Certain materials, such as fiberglass shingles, metal, and clay tile, may stand up to high wind better than others. Finally, proper installation is a must when it comes to preventing roof damage due to wind. Check with companies like Ray's Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc for more information.


2 August 2017

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