Save Money Here, Put It Over There: The Shifting Money Game For Kitchen Renovation

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The kitchen is the most expensive room in the house to renovate. That is because you have to overhaul the plumbing, even if you are just keeping the plumbing in the same place. Then there are the cabinets, which are the single-most expensive aspect of the whole room. Following that up is the floor, the appliances, the paint and new plaster, and finally, all of the little details like lighting and window treatments. That said, there is this little money shifting game you can play to get your dream kitchen and not have it cost thousands more than you expected.

Saved Money on the Floors? Put It Toward the Cabinets

The cabinets in your kitchen are really your "wow" factor. If you walk into a room and are blown away by what you see, that is exactly what you should be shooting for in your own kitchen. While you can definitely find some excellent deals on kitchen cabinets, your budget may be tight. If money loosens up in one area, such as the floors, and you suddenly have a couple extra grand in the budget, put it toward your cabinets.

Saved Money on the Cabinets and the Labor? Consider Fresh New Appliances

Sometimes appliances cost almost as much as your kitchen cabinets or the flooring. It all depends on what you buy, and what you need to round out the kitchen. If you insist on buying the more high-tech kitchen products (e.g., a refrigerator that scans the inside and texts you what you should buy while you are at the store), then you are going to blow your budget. If you saved money on your cabinets and labor, then you might have a little more wiggle room for the appliances.

Done With All of the above and Still Have Money Left Over? Your Painters Are Going to Be Happy

It is an exhilarating feeling when you get a few products for free, such as the country sink you wanted, or the free sink cabinet when you bought the rest of the same cabinetry. It is doubly exciting when you also have money left in your budget for the little things. Instead of just hiring painters to give the walls the flat color, ask them if they could, and would, do some special effects on the kitchen walls. That will make everything else in the room really pop, and then your kitchen has that "wow" factor everyone is dying to see.

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2 November 2017

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