Finishing Your Attic Maximizes Living Space In Your Home, But It's Best Left To Professionals

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When most homeowners need to expand their living space, they often consider building additions onto their home. However, this isn't always an option — you may have a small lot or be prohibited from building additions due to zoning regulations. One way to open up your living space is to transform your attic into a comfortable room by finishing your attic. This lets you use existing space in your home to create a comfortable bedroom or home office. If you need some extra living space in your home and are interested in finishing your attic, it's best to hire a professional remodeling contractor. Here's why.

Attic Insulation and Energy Efficiency Present Special Difficulties

The main challenge in converting an attic to a living space is insulation. An attic is a small space that's prone to wild swings in temperature based on the weather outside. They're prone to getting hot and stuffy during the summer and very cold during the winter. The difficulty with insulating your attic properly to turn it into a comfortable living space is why it's important to hire a professional remodeling contractor to perform the work for you.

Many existing attics were installed using fiberglass insulation, which is potentially unsafe due to the risk of inhaling fiberglass. It's also relatively bulky compared to other options, which reduces the amount of headroom you'll have in your living space. A better option is spray foam insulation, which takes less space and is a better insulator.

Most attics are not connected to the home's existing central air system, which can make the living space uncomfortably stuffy due to the lack of air circulation. Connecting it to your home's central air is not an easy task, as you will need to properly install insulated ductwork in addition to insulating the attic properly. Otherwise your energy bills will increase trying to keep your attic living space at a comfortable temperature.

Electrical Wiring and Plumbing Require Professional Installation

A remodeling contractor will take care of running the electrical wiring to the attic that you'll need in order to transform it into a livable space. A licensed electrician will be needed to perform the work in order to make sure that your home can handle the increased power consumption, that the wiring is installed correctly and that it is not a fire hazard. Depending on your final vision for the finished attic, plumbing can be installed as well. The pipes will need to be run in the insulated area of the attic to prevent freezing and bursting during winter.

Architectural Challenges Require Expert Care

A remodeling contractor has the expertise to account for the architectural challenges of finishing your attic. Your attic needs to be able to support the extra weight of the furniture and the flooring you'll be placing in the attic. In some cases, the attic can also be expanded slightly to create extra room without affecting the support it provides to the roof of your home.

While some homeowners attempt to finish their attics on their own, it's a much safer route to hire a remodeling contractor to perform the work for you. They'll have the energy efficiency, architectural and electrical expertise to safely transform your attic into a comfortable living space. They'll also help you with permits and ensure your finished attic meets zoning regulations. If you want to expand your home's living space by turning your attic into a comfortable room, contact a remodeling contractor from a company like Lehman Construction Services Inc to discuss your options.


6 April 2018

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