Building A Home In A Rocky Area By The Water? Land Preparation Concerns Before Utilities Go In

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If you have purchased a piece of property near water and you know that there may be difficulties while building because of the rocky soil, there are some things to take into consideration. Since you will need to have a septic and water system, along with possibly a leach bedding system, you want to know what the costs will be ahead of time so that you can properly prepare. Here are some of the experts you want to consult with and information you want to get before you leave.

Decide on Systems

You have to determine if you can connect with city utility options, or if you are putting in your septic system and water well. You want to talk with local sewage and water well installation companies to see what type of features and systems are the best for the type of soil where you live, and then what the costs will be to put the systems in. The soil may greatly affect what type of well you want to put in.

Rock Excavation Costs

You want to talk with an excavation company that can create the trenches and excavation services that are needed. If you worry that the large rocks and rocky soil are going to be a problem, they should be able to tell you what they expect to find, and an estimate for the work that is ahead. You may need to have some machinery that specializes in heavy lifting for large rocks and boulders.

Consult with a Land Surveyor

Talk with a land surveyor to see how the house has to be grated, and how these utility systems can affect the grade of the house. You may need to take some of the dirt that is dug up by the excavation company and use it to lift the house to the proper level, so it's graded as needed with the road.

There are a lot of factors that will go into the prices of building a home, but before you break ground, you need to figure all of these different things out. You need to know what systems you will be using for your utility needs, what these systems are going to cost you, and how much work has to be done. The contractors will give you their costs and then you have will have to schedule them appropriately in the order that they need to be at your property.  

For more information, contact your local rock excavation service. 


21 August 2018

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