How To Use A Home Inspection To Help Out With Your Home-Buying Experience

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Whether you are looking at buying a newly-built home or one that was built some time ago, you want the home you choose to be free of defects related to age or construction. Along with the help of a real estate agent and hiring of a professional home inspector, you can make sure to discover and address any problems a home may have before you sign for ownership. Here is some insight to help you while buying your next home so you can have any needed repairs renegotiated and handled before you move in.

Seek a Professional Home Inspection

A home inspection is important and essential when you buy a home, as it gives you a professional perspective on the home's condition. It can be hard to find problems in the home's structure, roof, or plumbing, for example when you tour through the home as a home buyer. A professional home inspector is trained to check all systems and components in a home to look for any disrepair, damage, or existing problems that would end up costing you after you take ownership of the home.

For example, if you are considering buying a home that is several years old and is in a hurricane-prone area, you will want to have the home's exterior and roof inspected for any wind-related damage and any interior moisture storm damage from damaged shingles. Your inspector will climb upon the roof to perform an up-close roofing inspection, and can enter into the home's attic space to look at the area from inside for similar damage. They will compile their findings in a written report and submit it to you after.

Solicit Bid Work and Renegotiate

After you have determined if a home has any problems or needed repairs in its structure or systems, you should find out how much the repairs or replacement will cost. If your intended home has roof damage to its roofing deck and rafters, you can request a free bid to be completed to get an estimate of what the home needs in repairs. With this information you can submit an addendum to your original purchase contract on the home to renegotiate the terms of the sale to include the necessary repairs.

You can write up the contract addendum to request the seller make the necessary repairs themselves if they can be finished in a timely manner, or you would request the purchase price of the home be lowered to reflect the cost of the intended repairs. For roofing repairs, as an example, the work may take longer than the time frame before the closing date on the home purchase, so you would benefit by reducing the price and completing the repairs after buying the home.


29 September 2018

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