Is Your Septic System Ailing? Tips For Avoiding A Stinky Disaster

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When a septic system is designed properly for the home it will serve and installed correctly, it can usually be expected to adequately serve the home's sewage disposal needs through decades of normal usage. However, a septic tank or drain field that is nearing the end of its lifespan does require additional care to prevent unpleasant sewage backups and other odorous disasters. If you currently own an older home equipped with a septic system that is approaching the end of its expected lifespan or one that seems to operate less efficiently than it once did, the following tips can help you avoid a complete failure. 

Correct bad usage habits

The first thing homeowners must do when they begin to worry about the condition of their home's septic system is to correct any bad usage habits that could be overloading the system. A good first step is to help family members understand proper usage habits and make sure that you have options available to help prevent misuse of the septic system.

To begin, instruct family members to refrain from draining any greasy or oily liquids into the sink. Instead, ask them to place these liquids into a metal can, such as a soup or vegetable can, that can then be placed in a sealed plastic bag and put into the garbage can. This prevents grease buildup that can clog pipes and render the action of the septic tank ineffective. 

Additionally, it can be very helpful to ask for your family's cooperation in helping to reduce the amount of paper and other materials that are flushed into the septic system. To do this, start by making sure that the toilet paper you choose is rated as "safe for septic systems." Next, make sure additional personal care products, such as paper towels, cosmetic applicators, cotton balls and swabs, feminine hygiene products, and bathroom wipes are always placed into a convenient trash receptacle, instead of being flushed down the toilet. 

Service the system more often

Another thing that homeowners should do when striving to help their septic system remain functional is to have the tank pumped more often. Pumping will help to reduce the volume inside the tank, which will relieve pressure on the tank's structure and help to remove stress from an overworked drain field. 

Homeowners who need assistance in deciding how much more often to schedule pumping for an aging septic system, or those with other questions, should discuss their situation with a septic system service such as A-Bell Excavating Inc. as soon as possible. 


25 December 2018

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