Get Your Kids Outdoors with the Right Play Area

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With more and more indoor and online activities vying for the attention of today's kids, getting them outdoors is a real challenge for most parents. How can you construct an outdoor area that will entice your kids away from the screens? Here are two steps to follow. 

1. Choose the Right Location

When it comes to helping kids play outside, focus on three elements. These are proximity, comfort, and safety. 

  1. Proximity. It should be close enough to the home to play while staying safe and visible from interior windows—particularly if you have very little ones. Keep the play area in a safe, fenced area and away from all tools, outdoor equipment, vehicles, and pedestrian traffic. 
  2. Comfort. To lure kids outdoors, make the space as comfortable as the indoors. It should have some protection, such as a retractable awning, from rain and the hot sun. Include lots of cushy things to sit on as well as a snack and beverage station filled with healthy, tasty treats. The less often kids have to come back inside during their playtime, the better.
  3. Safety. Use a location with a firm and flat base underneath. You may need to prepare the ground before starting. Make sure little ones have a safe place to wander and get into what's in the play area and that it can safely house plenty of structures or areas to keep them occupied.

2. Choose the Right Activities

If you want your kids to spend time in the outdoor play area, it must meet their needs and match their interests. Look for ways to take their current interests outside or translate them into live (rather than virtual) play. 

Do they like to build with toys inside? Consider adding a sandbox with large blocks outdoors or a faux work shed like their parents'. Are they adventurous, wanting to climb and explore? Why not install a safe climbing wall over a soft surface or a commercially available swingset? You can even build a comfortable, protected patio for gaming or impromptu dance parties with their friends. It should all depend on what your particular kids enjoy. 

Not sure where to start designing and constructing your kids' new play area? Meet with a general contractor in your area who can assess your location options and help you find the perfect place to get your children to enjoy the outdoors more often. And, for help with other construction jobs on the interior of your home, contact a business like Countertops & Laminated Specialties Inc.


8 February 2019

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