4 Tips To Clean Your Lands To Create A Fire Safe Zone Between Forests And Your Home

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If your home is in a wooded area or near forestry lands, it is vulnerable to wildfires. This is why good land maintenance and creating a fire safe zone is important to protect your property and your home from damage due to wildfires. The following tips will help you clean lands and create a fire safe zone for your home and other vulnerable areas on your property. 

Clearing the Forest and Brush That Is Too Close to Your Home and Overgrown  

If there is dense forest growth close to your home, you want to remove it to ensure that approaching wildfires do not get too close. Have a land clearing service remove trees and brush that is close enough to allow the fire to spread and reach your home. If you want to keep a few trees, work with the land maintenance service to mark the trees you want to keep before the clearing is done.  

Clearing the Brush on Forest Floors That Can Create Fuel for Approaching Wildfires  

The brush on forest floors becomes fuel for approaching wildfires, which is why you want to keep the forest floor clean and free of overgrowth. Have a land clearing service remove any dense brush to ensure approaching fires do not have the fuel they need to grow out of control. 

Thin Dense Tree Growth to Make It Easier to Fight Fires and Prevent Fire from Spreading Rapidly  

Dense tree growth on your property can be a problem when wildfires approach because it allows for the fire to spread quickly. Dense growth also causes trees to be unhealthy and crowded, which can be an unsightly feature of the landscape. For forested lands, have a land clearing service remove trees in the dense growth to give trees space to grow and prevent fires from spreading rapidly.  

Removing Dangerous Trees That Are Too Close to Structures and Trimming the Ones You Decide to Keep  

There are some trees that can be too close to structures and make them vulnerable to damage due to fire. These trees include pines and other large evergreens, which often fall during storms and have a high fuel content that makes them dangerous. After removing the dangerous trees, make sure that any trees you keep are well-trimmed to allow for healthy growth and protect them from damage during wildfires.  

These are some tips to help with cleaning lands near your home to create a zone that is safe when wildfires get too close for comfort. If you have land around your home that is overgrown with thick brush and dense forest, contact a land clearing service to help create a fire safe zone around your home and do other maintenance to help stop approaching wildfires.  


10 September 2019

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