Three Retail Businesses For Which Automatic Doors Are A Must

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If you're remodeling a building prior to your retail business having its grand opening, thinking about the building's doors should be one of your top priorities. Hundreds or perhaps even thousands of customers may pass through your doors every day, so it's important that you choose the right doors for the nature of your business. One decision that you'll need to make is whether you'll have manual doors or automatic doors. The latter style is more expensive, but it's definitely worth considering because of the ease that it provides your customers. Here are three retail businesses for which automatic doors are a must.

Grocery Stores

If you're opening any type of grocery store, from a large one to a small, specialty shop, you'll definitely want to choose automatic doors at the front of the building. This type of door is important for your customers as they're on their way out of your store after they finish their shopping. Many of them will be pushing shopping carts, while others will have their hands occupied with shopping bags. Having to open a door by hand is out of the question for many of the shoppers. They'll appreciate being able to get close to the door and have it swing or slide open automatically.


A pharmacy is another type of business for which an automatic door is a must. While some people will have shopping carts or bags that occupy their hands as they leave, this type of door is important for another reason. Many of the people who use the services of local pharmacies are elderly — and many of these elderly people may be ill or infirm to some degree. Retail doors can be extremely heavy because of the metal and glass in them, so having them open automatically will make them easy for those who are elderly to navigate.

Home Improvement Stores

Any type of home improvement store should have automatic doors at the front of the building. This is a type of store from which customers often emerge after buying large items. A customer who is pushing a new toilet on a cart, someone carrying a couple of pieces of lumber, or a customer with a box of tiles all need to be able to exit the store with ease. These individuals can't set their items aside to open a manual door, so being able to walk out through an automatic door is something that they'll appreciate and expect.

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26 November 2019

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