Why Tight Situations Require Custom Drilling Sollutions

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Drilling is often used in unconventional and tough to reach places, from deep in rural counties to disaster areas where people or belongings are trapped. In some cases, these events can be life or death situations, and getting the right drilling solution is vital. The trouble is that most ordinary drilling options are not a viable option due to the tough conditions rendering the drills obsolete or impossible to set up safely. That is where limited access drilling solutions come into play. If you ever require drilling in a scenario outside the ordinary, here is why you should call a drilling solution company before anyone else.

Hoisted In

Limited access drilling often requires a different entrance because of the compact or dangerous conditions around the site. That is why these drills and all the necessary equipment is often hoisted in, generally by crane, but also potentially through the use of helicopters. This ensures minimal disturbance of the surrounding conditions and allows you to get to work setting up the drill so it is ready to be used and then packed away. Traditional drills are either too heavy or too big to be operated in this way, which is why specialized, limited access drilling operates a range of smaller but still powerful options.

Any Angle

Most of the large, regular drills used in geotechnical projects require a dead-flat surface in order to secure themselves. Limited access drilling has no such requirements, and often it is necessary for them to be placed at up to 90 degrees from the ground. Of course, with any difference in how level the base is, it will require more preparation and secure points to keep the drill in place, but it is definitely achievable. That is the beauty of limited access drilling solutions; they are there to figure out how to accomplish what you assume to be impossible.

Small Clearance

Sometimes the requirement for drilling isn't in a dangerous outdoor situation at all, but rather in a cramped indoor or underground position. Drills often require a lot of clearance and anything under 15 feet can be impossible for traditional drill variations. Limited access drills can squeeze into these tight spaces while still providing an effective drill that will do the job. Many such drills have been used in surveying and environmental projects and it continues to be one of the most popular reasons for limited access drilling call-outs. 

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9 February 2021

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