Why Is It Important To Seal Your Asphalt Parking Lot?


You want to take good care of your parking lot so you can avoid dealing with expensive repairs in the future and so you can provide your customers with a parking lot that doesn't pose a risk to their tires and vehicle alignment. This article will explain the importance of sealing your parking lot so you understand how crucial it is to properly maintain your parking lot and provide you with information on how to seal it.

29 December 2014

Video Verification: A New Type Of Security Service For Keeping Your Business Safe


The problem with using a security service to keep your buildings safe is that human beings are fallible, and they can only stay so alert when watching live video feeds throughout their entire shifts. Fortunately, there's a new hybrid service called video verification that combines smart cameras with traditional security services to give you the best of both worlds. How Does Video Verification Work? Video verification makes use of smart security cameras in conjunction with actual human monitoring services.

18 December 2014

4 Ways To Waterproof Your Basement

Construction & Contractors Blog

Having your basement flood is absolutely no fun - especially if you have been using that space for storage or as extra rooms in your house. You can stop your basement from flooding by waterproofing it. Here are four ways to waterproof your basement to prevent flooding. 1. Ensure the ground around your basement slopes away from the house. The first thing you need to do when waterproofing your basement is look at the ground outside of the house.

16 December 2014

Troubleshooting A Tankless Water Heater: Four Common Issues And Solutions

Construction & Contractors Blog

Many homeowners eventually make the upgrade to a tankless water heater because they are efficient and take up less space. Unfortunately, many homeowners believe the misconception that they are impervious to issues, and that they offer an endless stream of hot water. Although tankless hot water heaters are better than the traditional kind, they still have problems, many of which are exclusive to the tankless design. If you are noticing that your tankless hot water heater is no longer functioning properly, it's time to assess the issue and call in reinforcements.

25 November 2014